May 7, 2009

Avalon Spring

Two nights ago I had a friend ask me if we were doing anything out at the farm yet. Not including the marathon gardening brainstorms and catalog shopping on winter nights, the fun began in February.

February 22, 2009
Nadya planted three trays of double seeded Sturon onions, 276 in total. Seed donated from Oliver's Pond, ordered from William Dam. Planted two trays of Hannibal leeks, single seeded. 144 in total.

Feb 26
Nadya and Matt potted 66 garlic cloves from Oliver's Pond and Judy in three inch pots. Put garlic outside Matt's house in fish boxes under the snow. Also planted 240 leeks and onions.

Feb 28
Nadya, John and Cathy dug weeds out of long greenhouse, turned 3/4 of soil, and started putting rocks in path. Dug snow into dirt in front of grapevine for 1/2 of one side to water. Everything very dry, and three rows of spinach mysteriously still green. Started a compost pile, including dried weeds, horse poo, dirt and blood meal in the corner of greenhouse.

Feb 28
Three flats of sturon onions germinated, and under lights at Oliver's Pond.

March 6
Planted old seed at Matt's house: One flat spinach. One flat cauliflower - Snow Crown, 2 flats Premium Crop. 1 flat Jerico Romane Lettuce, and sprinkled Arugula and Kale in ground.

March 8
John and Matt turned soil in large greenhouse into beds. Nadya planted Kale, arugula, spinach, beets, cress in first three beds, and cleared weeds out of asparagus bed in small greenhouse.