October 7, 2010

Giving thanks

So the veggies are turning into preserves & filling up the freezer..  you get a call from your favorite turkey producer to let you know it's on the way, and perfectly plump pumpkins are predestined for pie making. Sure with the cool weather it's nice to reflect on the season.. but there is still so much to participate in for the busy foodie!

Next week (Oct. 9 - 16th) is Organic Week throughout Canada. There is an open house at the Rabinowitz Organic Farm on 42 Churchill Road Portugal Cove. Farm will be open for tours on Saturday and Sunday, October 10 & 11th from 1:00 - 5:00. Products will be available at the Farm Store & children welcome!

Also upcoming in our area:
October 13th People's Food Policy, Kitchen Table Talks: Sustainable Fisheries
October 15th Food Security Network hosts World Food Day dinner & a movie
October 17th Slow Food St. John's, Celebration event featuring Preserves @ Yellowbelly
October 22- 24 ACORN-NL Sustainable Farming Conference
October 26-28th Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture hosts Agriculture Labour Market Symposium

Feels like we're just getting started!

September 28, 2010


Here are some ideas to get the most of the season’s bounty by simply storing & freezing your fresh vegetables. If you look through our blog archives there are pickling recipes scattered throughout.

Most of these tips shamelessly copied from my wonderful farm mentor Hilary Moore @ Teamwork Farm in Lanark, ON
- Sarah

September 27, 2010

Busy Bee Party

Sorry about the lack of posts, folks - we are immersed in harvest time, plus field clean up, sowing cover crop, and hoping our green house doesn't blow away! We are relieved that the hurricane damage was minimal - but last night we got some frost action as well; expect things to wrap up in a cataclysm of squash and tomato bounty.

In that theme - this Sunday we would like to invite you, our CSA members, Farmer's Market customers, as well as children, friends, neighbors, and relatives to the Farm on Sunday, October 3rd.

July 27, 2010

Veggie roll call

The weather has been incredible and we’ve finally been able to put our black fly nets away to enjoy the sun properly!

While our cabbages and peas are booming, the zucchinis and cucumbers are coming along nicely. Within your herb bags you’ll even find an edible orange flower from our zucchini plants; it has a squashy flavor and will look great atop your salad lettuce. As well, in the greenhouse, the tomatoes are downright intimidating, surpassing us all in height with multitudes of fist-sized green tomatoes. They’re on their way! The potatoes have even begun to flower so it won’t be long now.

Within your share bags, you’ll find:

* Snow peas
* ½ of a purple cabbage
* 1 bag of Egyptian onion tops (like spring onions)
* Swiss chard and kale mix
* 1 bag of Rosalind Red Premium broccoli leaves
* 1 head of either romaine or simpson lettuce
* 1 bundle of beet greens and turnips
* 1 bundle of Egyptian onions
* 1 herb bag with oregano, mint, sage, parsley, basil, m√Ęche and an edible zucchini flower

July 17, 2010

A turn in the weather

The sun has been shining and the air has been hot and humid, so our plants are bursting! Our broccolis are the size of large fists and little cabbages are huddling in the lower fields. The squashes, peas and fava beans have even begun to flower. It won’t be long now and you’re share bags will be bursting with all of the above as well as plump green tomatoes and shortly after with bright red and yellow juicy ones.

July 6, 2010

greens and kholrabi that can't be beet

A juicy red beet
A crunchy kohlrabi
A sweet Hakurei turnip
A perfectly tart bundle of rhubarb
A few of our last sun chokes
A bag of ninja greens
A bag of salad greens
An herb bag including chocolate mint, cotton candy mint and spearmint (bring on the mojitos!)

We hope that all of you will remember to add your beet greens, kohlrabi greens as well as your turnip greens into any stir fry you make; they are essentially as good as the root they grow out of!

May 27, 2010

Welcome 2010 CSA Members!

This week we started our first harvest of delicious greens and roots for "full share" members. We will be in contact as veggies become available.
The harvest includes salad mix (lettuces, arugula, mizuna, ect), ninja stir-fry mix (kale, tai sai, pac choi, mustard..), green onion bunch, shosaku gobo, Jerusalem artichokes, radishes, and rhubarb.

Our CSA shares are full for this season - but please check us out as vendors at the St. John's Farmer's Market which starts June 5th, 9 am to 2 pm at the Lion’s Club Chalet on Bonaventure Avenue!